Last Week of the Season

Updated Tuesday May 23, 2017 by The League.

Recap: The last week of the season has brought the top team out on top. 5/6 Bi city Hurricanes will take the top dog spot with a perfect record for the season. 7/8 Columbus Bulldogs brought home a big win against the Bi City hurricanes with a 7-6 victory. Your 9/10 Columbus Ducks left their mark as they had a perfect season as well. The 11/12 age group will finish their season this Thursday night when they play the Bi City Hurricanes. There is one game that will set all records straight and thats in the 7/8 age group, if the Bi City Hurricanes win they will split the season with the Columbus Bulldogs, if they lose they will finish in second place for the year. i would like to take a min and say thank you to you all for the year that we have had. Look forward to seeing you all next year, this was a year to remember. On the behalf of the Columbus Lions owners and staff they would like to say thank you from the bottom of thier hearts and for the support you all have given this year here at Elite Youth Spring Football.