Recap May 9th-13th

Updated Monday May 15, 2017 by The League.



Recap: Mon5/8

6:00- 11/12     Ducks   vs    Canes- this game was another nail biter, both teams played with well, this match up always comes down to the clock and who was the ball last. 

7:15- 9/10       Ducks   vs    Canes- the ducks came out on top to contiune their perfect season streak, look forward to the up coming game between them and the tigers as the tigers are looking to break that perfect streak.


Tues 5/9

6:00 - 5/6         Ducks   vs   Canes- this game was a forfeit by the ducks

7:15- 7/8        Bi City Tigers    vs    G. Hurricanes- the tigers showed there strenght in a complete dominance as they won big.


Thur 5/11

7:00- 11/12   Ducks  vs   Canes- this was the game to watch as both teams went back in fourth all night, at the end the ducks pulled it out with a 21-19 win over the hurricanes. These two teams are a great game to watch week in and week out.


Sat 5/13

10:00- 9/10   Ducks   vs   Tigers- cancelled due to weather and rescheduled to may 18th @ 7:30

11:30- 7/8     Bulldogs  vs   Canes- cancelled due weather and rescheduled to may 22nd @ 7:15

We would like to thank you all for the support throughtout the season this far we have reached a little over half way, teams are playing great football right now as we march forward into the last half of the season make plans to come out to Glenwood School and watch some of these scheduled  games, dont miss out on the chance to see these kids put on show for you.