Recap From April 24-30

Updated Monday May 1, 2017 by The League.

Recap: April 24-30,2017

For those that didnt have a chance to make it out to the past weeks games, Wow what you all have missed, the 5-6 age group is off to a great start with the Hurricanes jumping out to a 2-0 start, the Columbus Ducks are looking to put the "W" in the win bracket. The other age groups are shaping up with some strong games in some close ball games. 7-8 Hurricanes are off to a strong start in the season going to 2-0 for the season, the hurricanes will be back on the game field soon dont miss the action aas they try to go for win number 3. The Golden Hurricanes had some players missing from the game in which they will hit the practice field hard this week in changing their ways by picking up their first win this season. Looks like the Bulldogs picked up their 1st win with a great showing agiast the Bi city Tigers, each team moves to 1-1 for the season. 7-8 age group is heating up with some great games, with the up coming games this week these teams are going to bring there best game. Well it looks like we are heading into a new week of games with some great weather. look forward to seeing you all at the games in this upcoming week.