Opening Day Recap

Updated Monday April 24, 2017 by Staff.

April 22,2017 Recap:

          On opening day the 5/6 Hurricanes showed that all the practice finally paid off on the score board, they played the 5/6 Columbus Ducks, in which they are going to go back to the practice field and work a little harder to make up for the results from Saturday.

Game two was played between the 7/8 Bi City Tigers and the 7/8 Golden Hurricanes. The tigers showed to be a strong team with the points that they left on the score board. The Golden Hurricanes will fall back into full swing of practice and make a few changes for their next up coming game.

Over half way through opening day the 7/8 Bi City Hurricanes went up against the 7/8 Columbus Bulldogs. These two teams knew each other well, with a few mistakes by the bulldogs and the hurricanes making them pay by adding points to the score board.

Auburn Tigers, a 1st year team in the league, felt like they had to make a mark  and played a great game against the Hurricanes in the 9/10 year old division. The Tigers seem had to made all the right calls at the right time to push them through to their first win of the season.

The games continues Mon April 24, with the 1st kick off starting at 6:15 in the 11/12 age group, Columbus Ducks vs Bi City hurricanes will get started tonight as the 9/10 Columbus Ducks vs Auburn Tigers will follow that at 7:30. The 9/10 Columbus Ducks did not play opening day, they are looking forward in getting their kids out for the first time to see if all that work on the practice field pays off.

We would like to thank everyone for the continue support through out the rest of the year. Opening Day was the best we have had here at Elite Youth Spring Football, with out you the parents, we couldn't make this work to have the turn out that we did. The administration would like to say Thank You in all you do for the league and the teams in the league.